Japanese As Second Language

Kurumi Japanese Class is located in the Mt. Diablo, greater East Bay area. We are a language center for both native and non-native speakers of Japanese.  Our primary focus is to teach listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a fun and interactive environment.   

Kurumi Japanese Class’s curriculum will be academic-focused and offer an accelerated pace for individuals wanting to reach a higher level of Japanese proficiency. 

We will use materials/textbooks which are chosen by our teachers to match the student’s needs and levels.  Classes will be taught in a small group setting.  This allows for greater participation, increased learning, and more individual attention to each student by the teacher.

Our morning sessions are focused on preschool-aged children.  Afternoon classes are for elementary or older-aged children.  Also, we will provide once a weekly class on Saturdays for all ages.

In addition to language studies, Japanese cultural learning activities will be made available to students including art, abacus, and cultural studies.

We look forward to helping your child have fun learning Japanese!

What You Will Learn In JSL Class

  • An introduction to the basics of Japanese including action verbs and the Japanese alphabet “Hiragana” and “Katakana”
  • Greetings, numbers, dates, colors, simple conversation. 

2023 Spring Session

A new Japanese beginner’s online class for middle and high schoolers.
Taught by a very experienced Japanese teacher, Japanese native speaker that speaks English at the Native level.

Online Class: 1 hour/week 
Tuition: $130/monthly 
The first day of class: 1/26/23 
Every Thursday 6:00-7:00 pm